Committee and Office Bearers


Ana KingPrimary Contact0407 423
Kathy BrookingPresident  
Maria KaeseVice President  
Demara WoutersAdministrator
Nicole StevensTreasurer  
Ana KingSecretary  
Jo PitaADO  
Fiona DunnCommittee Member
 Committee Member  

Please respect and acknowledge that these positions are undertaken by Volunteers.

 If you wish to make contact with any Member of the EGNA Management Committee, please ensure that you do so via the EGNA email address:

 It is imperative that all communications pass thru the EGNA Administration office as this enables an accurate manner in which to be certain that all enquiries are handled as promptly as reasonably possible, as well as ensuring that information gathered, and given, is done so correctly.

 In the instance that you wish to communicate with a particular member of the EGNA Management Committee, simply address your email to the “Attention” of that person and it will be responded to accordingly.